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Reflecting on Truth: Stories about memory and reconstructing the past

Sunday, June 16 at 3:30pm

Reflecting on Truth: Stories about memory and reconstructing the past

DIRECTOR: Elena Horgan • Ireland • 6 minutes
An experimental poetic documentary that explores the intersections of language, land and identity.

A Fish Story
DIRECTOR: Yasmine Majchrzak, Michael Peers • NL • 6 minutes
An old man at a pub captivates his audience with unbelievable fish tales, blending humour and the allure of storytelling.

Hebron Relocation
DIRECTOR: Holly Andersen • NL • 13 minutes
Filmmaker Holly Andersen delves into the painful history of forced relocation in northern Labrador, weaving personal and community stories to explore the concept of home.

Memorable Night
DIRECTOR: Romain Fleury • France • 8 minutes
Elderly couple Robert and Marcelle prepare for a rare night out, stirring memories and sharing important family moments amidst challenges.

Neighbour Abdi
DIRECTOR: Douwe Dijkstra • Netherlands • 29 minutes
Abdi, a Somali-born furniture designer, reenacts his war-torn past with the help of his neighbor, using special effects to explore and understand his violent history.

Slow Light
DIRECTOR: Kijek / Adamski • Poland • 10 minutes
This mixed-media animation explores a man's struggle to live in the present as his perceptions are trapped in the past, artistically blending memory and reality.

Summer '96
DIRECTOR: Mathilde Bédouet • France • 12 minutes
It's another August 15 picnic on Callot Island for young Paul and his family — but this year, they find themselves trapped by the tide. Paul, upset, stuck between the world of adults and that of children, becomes aware of his individuality.

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