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Stronger Together: Films on community and family

Thursday, June 13 at 7pm

Stronger Together: Films on community and family
Philippe, a Lake and a Dream

My Name is Edgar and I Have a Cow
DIRECTOR: Filip Diviak • Czechia • 7 minutes
Edgar's life is disrupted by a newborn calf after a tour of a slaughterhouse. A delightful film.

Look Up
DIRECTOR: Maika Hearson • NL • 4 minutes
A hopeful look at how technology changes our perception of the world around us, this film follows Samuel who is challenged to give up his phone for a week. Boredom and emotional distance soon turn to an exciting new view of the world around him.

World's Greatest Dad
DIRECTOR: 2023 Winter NIFCO Film Class, Brad Gover (Mentor) • NL • 6 minutes
After his daughter makes him a “World’s Greatest Dad” bracelet, a distracted father sets out to do a long list of errands. After several encounters with another man sporting a “World’s Greatest Dad” bracelet, the father comes to realize where his attention should lie. A touching story that urges us to take a step back and appreciate the ones we love.

The Golden League
DIRECTOR: Vaida Nairn • Canada • 11 minutes
Every winter in St. John’s, Newfoundland, a group of women, largely new to the sport and ranging in age from late teens to seventies, meet once a week to play recreational ice hockey, learn new skills and forge friendships. The Golden League is a heartwarming story of community building, friendship, and sport.

Philippe, a Lake and a Dream
DIRECTOR: Stéphanie Gagné, Philippe Belley • Quebec • 52 minutes
A sedentary father sets the lofty goal of swimming across Lac Saint-Jean with his daughter. This powerful film is not just about a 32 km swim, it’s about resilience, family, and community. Phillipe proves that working towards something with the ones you love is worth much more than reaching the finish line.

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