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Laughter and Tears: Dramatic Comedies about Love and Friendship

Friday, June 14 at 7pm

Laughter and Tears: Dramatic Comedies about Love and Friendship
Making Babies


DIRECTOR: Elizabeth Hicks • NL • 10 minutes
Darcy is a fifteen-year-old mix of energy, perfectionism, and insecurity. When an ultra-cute boy from her cadet corps insists that she attend that night’s Trampoline Social, Darcy raids her sister’s drawers and sets off for a dramatic evening of self-acceptance and sweet backflips.

Boy Toy
DIRECTOR: Sherri Levesque • NL • 5 minutes
In this quirky love story, Jane falls for a sketchy hand puppet named Jerome. Her delusion deepens when she feels betrayed by her inanimate partner. This off-beat romantic comedy is as delightful as it is absurd.

Ghost Roommate
DIRECTOR: Veronica Dymond • NL • 10 minutes
Desperate for an apartment, George finally lands a great spot - only to discover her new roommate is less corporeal than expected. Ghost Roommate is a funny and heartfelt film about first impressions, new friendships, and the ghastly state of the rental market

Jill and Lill Do Knick Knacks
DIRECTOR: Keith Jordan • Ireland • 14 minutes
Two teenage girls find themselves in deep water after a seemingly innocuous prank ends in manslaughter. Jill and Lill is laugh-out-loud funny, with an absurd series of events paired with perfectly delivered dialogue that is equal parts hilarious and poetic.

Late Summer
DIRECTOR: Ryan Steel • Manitoba • 11 minutes
A mute loner encounters ambivalent feelings, first loves, and the heart break of pre-adolescence at a haunted summer camp. Late Summer brings the retro camp aesthetic to life with fantastic use of practical and visual effects paired with sets and costumes that bring this charming film to life.

Peter the Grave
DIRECTOR: Matthieu Moerlen • France • 12 minutes
Matthias & Victoria wander through the labyrinthine Saint-Ouen Cemetery in search of a grave. With no help from the groundskeeper the search seems hopeless but this young couple will find something else they were looking for on this adventure. Romantic, charming, and humorous, Peter the Grave brings a love story to an unlikely setting.

The Odds of That
DIRECTOR: Michelle T Clemens • NL • 6 minutes
Two sisters who had given birth to sons just before the COVID pandemic commiserate about the trials and tribulations of motherhood over drinks, but while catching up they make a shocking discovery that may tear their family apart.

Me No Pause
DIRECTOR: Kelly Meadus • NL • 5 minutes
Menopause will impact every woman. It will change relationships, the way women feel about themselves, how they interact with others, and their perception of the world. In this experimental short comedy, "Me No Pause," we see the struggles of this midlife biological shift in a dark but playful light.

Making Babies
DIRECTOR: Éric K. Boulianne • PRODUCERS: Jean-Sébastien Beaudoin Gagnon and Johannie Deschambault • Quebec • 19 minutes
After many years together, a couple decides to have a baby but after many unsuccessful attempts, the partners struggle to maintain their love and unity. Making Babies is a minimalist comedy drama that lays bare how love is sometimes tested and torn by forces we cannot control.

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