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Under Cover of Night: Thrillers and horror

Thursday, June 13 at 9:30pm

Under Cover of Night: Thrillers and horror


If Not To Die
DIRECTOR: Brad Gover • NL • 14 minutes
A police detective recounts an investigation into a cold case with his late father’s old partner as he finds himself being pressed for answers from his station Chief. A local neo-noire full of twists and turns brought to life by great excellent NL talent. A great exercise in tension and restraint.

DIRECTOR: Mike Simms • NL • 11 minutes
A young man is forced to confront his past traumas after following his first day of work on a logging camp in the 1930s. An impressive period drama with gorgeous cinematography and great performances from a local cast. 

DIRECTOR: Grant Earl MacIntosh • Nova Scotia • 5 minutes
An older woman searches her home for a lost possession but suddenly has to hide from an unexpected visitor. A ghost story that explores more than just a good scare.

Don’t Let Them In
DIRECTOR: Peter Collins • NL • 13 minutes
After escaping an abusive relationship, Heather is stalked by a vampiric monster that can change its shape to trick victims into inviting it inside. This film has some great effects, and a fresh-but-familiar creature, brought to life with inspired costuming. Local horror fans rejoice!

DIRECTOR: Fernando Amador • Spain • 15 minutes
Eugenia’s relationship is failing and her home is in jeopardy. When her boss offers her an opportunity to make an easy $50,000, she accepts. But at what cost?

DIRECTOR: Guillermo Mejías • Spain • 12 minutes
Emma is studying alone at night when she hears noises coming from inside her apartment. As she investigates she makes a terrifying discovery. A psychological horror that will have viewers questioning what is real.

Who Calls
DIRECTOR: J.A Villalobos • Spain • 5 minutes
A couple wakes up in the middle of the night to the sound of a stranger knocking on their door and trying to get inside. A thriller that ratchets up the tension with claustrophobic cinematography and powerful performances.

Dead Cat
DIRECTOR: Annie-Claude Caron, Danick Audet • Quebec • 12 minutes
When the family cat suddenly dies, rather than having a tough conversation with their young daughter two parents opt to have it taxidermied. A funny look at the consequences of trying to protect others from an uncomfortable truth.

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